Who We Are

Solely Furniture is a very young and yet so much passionate about delivering extraordinary, charming furniture and interior decors into the market.

We have a fantastic in-house creative team who design our products. Gladly, we are able and eager to create unique designs distinctly for you to meet your requests and naturally create a competitive advantage just for you.

Thinking about that, both creative and business alternatives are limitless in Solely Furniture; if you like us to manufacture your own design under your own brand, we are happily equipped to make that happen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to hear about our competitive B2B prices.

We are the sole representative of B’HOME brand in the UK.

Why Us

We know quite well that retail is a demanding business and requires a lot of planning from selection of stock to displaying in the showroom. We also know that lifestyle of people and buying habits are changing, business rates are high, competition is at its most and online marketing is the competitive edge that needs a serious energy. We aim to take at least some of the hassle from retailers, so we design our products and packaging according to meet todays’ needs.

  • Our products are unique and eye catching, so they will naturally earn a special corner in your showroom
  • Our products are ready to assemble without the need of using any tools, so you save time and energy to put them together
  • Our products are flat packed, so they need less storage area and easy to move around
  • We use strong double-sided cardboard as packaging material, so risk of getting damaged during delivery is minimized
  • Our products are light weight yet durable, so delivery costs are low

To sum up whether you are a distributor or a retailer running a physical or an online store, we understand your needs and serve our best to help you.



After I relocated into the United Kingdom, I realized that the houses are so small that I needed new furniture, which had to be compact, easily portable, durable, affordable and of course to suit my taste. Searching for a furniture that fits all my needs was certainly not stress free. This providentially led me to discover my new passion for ready to assemble furniture and Solely Furniture is born. I’m pleased to work with the most reliable and perfect match manufacturer.

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